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Wildlife Photography, Value of Patience

Value of Patience when photographing wildlife. The key to good wildlife photography is patience.  During my photo workshop on Assateague Island, I observed two ruddy turnstones at Ferry Landing.  Class participants took several fine photos capturing interaction between the two.  Since I don’t typically photogrpah with the class, I could not resist returning…  
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Reflecting on judging NBCC (Northern Bethesda) photo competition. Great feedback.

I received several nice comments and notes such as the following after serving as a judge for the NBCC photo competition May 6, 2015. “You undertook a long drive and a tough subject, and came through in spectacular fashion!” Such complements are always appreciated. I have both presented and judged competition previously for the…  
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Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 8), Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography

Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography Similarities Both disciplines require knowledge of subject, i.e. where and when to find the animal. What does their behavior indicate? The hunter and photographer can both gain useful knowledge from signs that an animal is present  – tracks, scat (cat, bear, etc.), rubs, scrapes (deer), slides…  
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Upcoming Programs – Camera Clubs and Conferences

UPCOMING PRESENTATION: Camera Clubs & Conferences “A Passion for Wildlife Photography, The Stories Behind the Images” by Irene Hinke-Sacilotto Based on my more than 30 years’ experience photographing birds and other animals, this program covers the knowledge, strategies, techniques, and equipment required to capture professional images. Includes interesting insight into…  
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Tangier Island – A Photographers Delight

TANGIER ISLAND Photo Workshop See Website for details (Schedule) & Photo Gallery:  www.ospreyphoto.com 21-31 May 2015 In the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, just south of the Maryland line, is Tangier Island, VA. It is actually a series of small islands connected by narrow wooden bridges spanning marshes and tidal…  
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Check out your local camera club

        On several occasions I have served as a judge for camera club competitions.  The experiences reminded me of the benefits of belonging to such organizations.  They are great places mix with others of similar photo interests and share info on equipment and techniques.  There are often opportunities…  
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