Reflecting on judging NBCC (Northern Bethesda) photo competition. Great feedback.


I received several nice comments and notes such as the following after serving as a judge for the NBCC photo competition May 6, 2015. “You undertook a long drive and a tough subject, and came through in spectacular fashion!” Such complements are always appreciated. I have both presented and judged competition previously for the club. This time, as before, I was impressed with the talent and creativity of the members.  Although the topic, “it’s raining” is pretty far off my wildlife/nature photography radar, I really enjoyed reviewing the images.  It is always a pleasure seeing how photographers vary approaching the same topic.  As do the images from my students, seeing these photographs also expanded my vision. If you have an open mind, there is I always something new to learn.  I may even borrow the topic “it’s raining” as part of an assignment for my Creative Photography workshops.  My hat is off to the competition winners.

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