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On behalf of the  Gaithersburg Camera Club, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for an outstanding, well-organized presentation on “A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images“. The wildlife images which you shared were stunning.   Your insights on wildlife photography such as composition, lighting, shooting angles, and lenses and other equipment were helpful.  I enjoyed hearing your observations on the behavior patterns of the animals and how each photo sho… Read more
Mel Sessa, Gaithersburg Camera ClubProgram Co-Chair

Meet Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

Irene Hinke-Sacilotto
Photograph by Bill Klosicki

Since 1979, Irene Hinke-Sacilotto has led numerous tours under the auspices of Osprey Photo Workshops and Tours, and has conducted many photographic workshops for zoos, nature centers, and organizations like the National Wildlife Federation and the Assateague Island Alliance. She regularly lectures at Johns Hopkins University and conducts seminars for other educational institutions, retirement communities, and bird and photo clubs including the New England Council of Camera Clubs.  Workshops and classes cover nature, wildlife, garden, and travel photography plus programs on locations such as the Brazilian Pantanal, Iceland, and Chincoteague. Irene’s “How To” articles have appeared in national publications, including:

  • Shutterbug’s Outdoor and Nature Photography
  • Outdoor Photographer
  • Birding

Her photography has appeared in numerous magazines, such as Birder’s World, Birding, Living Bird, National Wildlife Federation, Natural History, Outdoor Photographer, Weekly Reader, as well as many books, calendars, note cards, and posters produced by:

  • Audubon
  • National Geographic
  • National Park Service
  • Sierra Club

Irene’s degrees in biology and chemistry, and her strong background in the environmental science field, add to her already impressive credentials.

© Irene Hinke-Sacilotto

Irene has contributed more than 70 images to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge’s new Herbert H. Bateman Administrative and Education Center and other interpretive displays. Many images displayed in the exhibit appear in Irene’s new book Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, An Ecological Treasure.  To order her book, look under the Book tab on this websites home page.

In the past 30 years, Irene has led over 200 programs in more than 80 locations in the United States and abroad. When developing workshops and tours, she researches locations thoroughly, creating itineraries that provide participants with optimal photo opportunities. Her creative flair makes each program unique with special features like:

  • Access to private ranches
  • Private photo sessions at zoos, rehabilitation centers, etc.
  • Small groups, often 8 or fewer
  • Remote sites not frequented by other visitors or larger groups
  • Orientation slide programs

If you don’t see a tour in the OSPREY schedule that you are looking for, just let her know. She will be glad to investigate the possibility of offering a program at that location, or work with you to create a personalized package.


Sample testimonial regarding photo workshops

“I had the good fortune to participate in Irene’s, Spring 2022 Chincoteague Photo Workshop.  Essential to the success of any workshop is for the leader to be proficient not only in the technical aspect of photography, but also have complete command of the subject matter and knowledge of the geographical area. Irene hits all the notes. She is there to provide coaching on composition and exposure. Our subject matter was birds and horses. Irene understands the behavior of the animals. This is critical to how the photographer physically approaches the subject so as to not spook them and as how the animal will present during conditions at hand. Irene has a sharp eye, spotting birds in places others may miss. Plus, Irene prepares. She thoroughly scouts locations prior to the workshop, maximizing your time shooting instead of wasting it traveling from location to location hoping that is something to photograph. Furthermore, Irene arranges exclusive access to areas not open to the general public. During our workshop this benefit brought us within close proximity to the coveted horses resulting in remarkable photographs. Perhaps most significantly, Irene does NOT shoot during the workshop. Her time is devoted to the students exclusively, providing individual attention.  I came away from the workshop with good actionable knowledge and some wonderful photos.”

Tom Kallechey
Manchester, NH


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