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Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, PA

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, PA At the beginning of March I spent a day and a half at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Pennsylvania, approximately a 2.5 hour drive from my home near Baltimore. This was my first visit to the area. I could not resist packing up my…  
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May/June 2021 Heron Rookery Photo Project

May/June 2021- Heron Rookery Photo Project  From 24 April until 18 June 2021 I was on the road.  One of my projects involved documenting the activity in a heron colony populated by a variety of wading birds–Great and Snowy Egrets, Black-Crowned Night Herons, Tri-color & Little Blue Herons, and a few…  
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Urban Wildlife Photo Project 2

Urban Wildlife Photo Project Overview As mentioned in my last newsletter, in recent months I have reconnected with an old friend who has been allowing me to photograph on her property.  She lives nearby and owns several acres of land with an open area, vegetable garden, flower beds, woods, and a…  
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Wildlife on Florida’s East Coast – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a report on the photography along Florida’s East Coast. The last two weeks of February I flew to the East Coast of Florida to scout for a future photo workshop in March of 2021 or 2022.  In the past, I have conducted several workshops in Florida…  
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Brazilian Pantanal Photo Tour

Tiger Heron are found along the river banks in the Pantanal.

Brazilian Pantanal photo tour–sights, photo tips, equipment, challenges. I have been to the Brazilian Pantanal twice in the past, once on a scouting trip and most recently conducting a photo tour. In both cases, I worked with an excellent naturalist/guide/photographer who I have known for more that twenty years, Alejandro…  
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Tips for international photo tours

Tips for International photo tours.  Preparation. Documents If you don’t have a passport you will need to apply for one to visit countries outside the U.S.. If you have one already, check the renewal date several months before departure to be sure it covers the dates of travel. For passport…  
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Costa Rica Photo Tour & Photo Tips

The first time I visited Costa Rica, it was during an alumni bus tour where photography was not the focus.  The trip and people were nice, but the country was not high on the list of places I wished to revisit. However recently, I was fortunate to meet some friends…  
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Mobile Blinds & Beanbags for Supporting Camera Lenses

Spotted during photo tour.

I often photograph animals from vehicles, which serve as mobile photo blinds with a telephoto lens supported on its foot by a beanbag resting on the window sill. In wildlife refuges and places where animals are protected and are used to seeing vehicles, you and your vehicle are not perceived…  
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Wildlife Photography, Value of Patience

Value of Patience when photographing wildlife. The key to good wildlife photography is patience.  During my photo workshop on Assateague Island, I observed two ruddy turnstones at Ferry Landing.  Class participants took several fine photos capturing interaction between the two.  Since I don’t typically photogrpah with the class, I could not resist returning…  
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Photo Selected for NANPA’s Daily Sampler, 26 Apr 15

Message from NANPA.  Your photo entitled “Skimmer moving sand to create scrape for eggs” has been selected for NANPA’s Daily Sampler for Sunday, Apr 26, 2015.   Each day NANPA posts different images from its members.  Mine show up periodically.  Nice to  see what members are doing.   See the…  
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