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Tips for Garden & Flower Photography

Water Lily

Light & Flowers The first image captures the center of the pink lotus flower beautifully lit by soft diffused light.  As opposed to bright sunlight, soft light preserves the individual pastel colors of the flower.   Side light when it creates light shadows and tonal gradient on the petals defines the…  
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My COVID 19 Quarantine Survival Story

My COVID 19 Quarantine Survival Story With the emergence of the COVID 19 virus and the “Stay at Home Order”, like many people, I temporarily panicked. How long would the virus be an issue, two weeks, a month? I could deal that.  But a year or more, I had no concept how…  
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Urban Wildlife Photo Project 2

Urban Wildlife Photo Project Overview As mentioned in my last newsletter, in recent months I have reconnected with an old friend who has been allowing me to photograph on her property.  She lives nearby and owns several acres of land with an open area, vegetable garden, flower beds, woods, and a…  
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Photography at Longwood Gardens


Photography at Longwood Gardens in the conservatory and for similar conditions elsewhere as in a greenhouse Close-up Photo Tips Next photo workshop featuring flower photography – 14-15 April at Norfolk Botanical Garden.  For info, see my website or  To register call (757) 441-5830 Introduction to Photography at Longwood Gardens A…  
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Wildlife Photography, Value of Patience

Value of Patience when photographing wildlife. The key to good wildlife photography is patience.  During my photo workshop on Assateague Island, I observed two ruddy turnstones at Ferry Landing.  Class participants took several fine photos capturing interaction between the two.  Since I don’t typically photogrpah with the class, I could not resist returning…  
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Registration just opened – Creative Approach to Garden Photography Workshop @ Norfolk Botanical Garden, VA

  CREATIVE APPROACH to GARDEN PHOTOGRAPHY @ Norfolk Botanical Garden, VA 12-14 June 2015 Designed for those who wish to advance their photographic skills, creating images that are more imaginative, distinctive, and visually exciting.  Classroom discussions include subject selection, equipment, camera settings, composition, lighting, spatial relationships, and utilization of graphic…  
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Garden Photography Class – Lilypons Water Gardens

NEW    …..    Garden Photography Class Lilypons Water Gardens (Field Trip) 23, 27, 30 Jun, 7 Jul 2015  with Irene Hinke-Sacilotto Classroom @ Y in Abingdon, MD: 23 & 30 Jun, 7 Jul 2015 (630 – 8:30 PM) Field practice @ Lilypons: 27 Jun 2015 (Saturday 8:00 – 11:30 AM)…  
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A Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 9) Stalking your Prey

Stalking Techniques  Emulate movements of subject. (For reindeer, a local guide suggested simulating antlers by holding tripod legs over our head.) Move slowly, pause periodically, & make no sudden moves. Keep a low profile to avoid appearing human and a threat. Observe the animal’s movement. Don’t walk directly towards it….  
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Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 8), Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography

Hunting vs. Wildlife Photography Similarities Both disciplines require knowledge of subject, i.e. where and when to find the animal. What does their behavior indicate? The hunter and photographer can both gain useful knowledge from signs that an animal is present  – tracks, scat (cat, bear, etc.), rubs, scrapes (deer), slides…  
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Tangier Island Photo Workshop, May 2015

TANGIER ISLAND Photo Workshop See Website for details (Schedule) & Photo Gallery: 21-31 May 2015 In the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, just south of the Maryland line, is Tangier Island, VA. It is actually a series of small islands connected by narrow wooden bridges spanning marshes and tidal…  
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