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Tutorial:The Benefits of Slow Shutter Speeds

     Whereas fast shutter speeds freeze action, slow shutter speeds can imply motion and can transform the image into one that is impressionistic.  The shutter speed selected depends on the effect desired and degree of movement.  You can achieve interesting effects at settings of 1/60 to several seconds or…  
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Digital Photo Tutorial: Composition

Composition Focus attention on your subject.  Keep the composition simple. Whereas painting is a positive process of adding things to the frame, photography is a subtractive process, eliminating elements that do not contribute to the overall image. Move and explore the photo opportunities from different angles & heights.  Position the…  
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Photo Tour – Argentina & Chile, 4-19 Dec 2011

Join a small group of nature photographers (3-7) to visit some of my favorite photo locations in Argentina & Chile.  The photo tour includes the following.  1) Coastal Patagonia–Valdés Peninsula, with elephant seals , Southern right whales, rheas, guanacos and the large magellanic penguin colony of Punta Tombo.  2) Mt. Fitzroy plus…  
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Wildlife Photography Photo Workshop, Coming Soon!

12-14 August I will be conducting a wildlife photography workshop at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.  The weekend will include slide program, discussions, field practice photographing in the gardens, and critique of participant photos.  Images in the slide show come from my travels locally and abroad.  Photo tips are practical and based on…  
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Norfolk here I come.

On 3 August, I will be presenting a evening program on Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, Norfolk, VA. Hope to see you there.  For info contact Norfolk Botanical Gardens at or go to my website