HyperDrives – great asset for long photo trips

On recent trip to Argentina, to avoid carrying laptop, I took my IPAD2 and 1 HyperDrive Colorspace UMDA and a second HyperDrive iPad2 Hard Drive. I copied by images from my compact flash cards to each HyperDrive (750 G capacity). Therefore I had 2 copies of each image file.  The data transfer rate from the compact flash cards to the HyperDrives is very rapid, saving time.  In With the HyperDirves I could see small versions of my files to confirm transfer and judge the quality of the images to some degree. . With the HyperDrive made for the IPAD2, I could download select images to the IPAD2  where I could enlarge them and edit them to see their quality.  I could then share the images with others or send them via e-mail. I could get my e-mail and connect with the internet with the IPAD2 in locations where there was a WIFYaccess. Therefore a laptop really wasn’t necessary.  Nice alternative for handling image data on long trips.HyperDrives – great asset for long trips.

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