With regard to photography, believe in the impossible:

Heading upstairs at a friend’s house, I looked out the large window facing the backyard and spotted two squirrels rolling around in a ball on the grass. I was fascinated by their antics but was skeptical that I could get shots of the action. I took a chance and I ran back downstairs and grabbed my Nikon D4 camera fitted with the newer 80-400 mm lens. To avoid detection and disturbing the action, I had to shoot from inside through glass, a technique that typically results in less than satisfactory results. Luckily the pane was clear and recently cleaned. I removed the lens shade and moved the lens face close to the window to avoid reflections. Since the squirrels were in moderate shade, I had to increase my ISO to 1250, an ISO easily handled by the D4. See the results here and in a small album on Facebook.com/ospreyphotoworkshops

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