Comments on revisions of Adobe Photoshop Elements from version 10 to 11

My feelings regarding the update of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 to Version 11
There is a major revision of the Organizer (look & functions) which for users of earlier versions comes with a bit of a learning curve. More automated categorizing of images. Has major tabs for People, Places, & Events. Under the “People” tab, you can use facial recognition to group images of individuals. Under “Places”, if your camera captures GPS info, the location of your images can be automatically marked on a map. You can manually note locations of images as well. As primarily a nature photographer, I don’t find the changes that useful.
Changes in the appearance of the program and the Editor are more significant.
The screen is visually easier to read with lighter color scheme. Tool options are larger, clearer, and now at the bottom of page.
The raw converter is improved with better results and new sliders. Becoming more similar to Lightroom’s raw converter but still not as effective.
Under Selections, “Refine edge” makes selection of fuzzy-edged items, such as hair, easier and more natural in appearance.
More guided edits & new filters such as sketch filters and a better blur filter to better separate subjects from their background with depth of field.
To keep up with the new versions drives me a bit crazy since they are released so often.

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