Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Photo Class, Norfolk Botanical Gardens

ImageJust taught a digital editing class for Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (3, three hours sessions in the evening).  It’s a perfect photo editing program for majority of amateur/intermediate photographers who wishes to edit images for the web, e-mail and prints up to 16X20.  It’s inexpensive costing less than $100 compared to the professional program, Adobe Photoshop CS (>$600) which is used by graphic designers.  It is relatively easy to learn and students were amazed at the power of this program which allows you to crop, lighten/darken images, add saturation, add contrast, sharpen images, cover defects, and manipulate images with layers and layer masks.  If it has any short-comings, it is that it’s a 8 bit program with less detail available for editing compared to a 16 bit. For most people, this will not matter.  The program can be used in combination with Lightroom 4.

There will be a refresher digital editing class in the winter 2013.  Also for fun shooting, join me at Tangier Island in September or West Virginia for fall colors in Oct.  See my web site

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