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Tips for Garden & Flower Photography

Water Lily

Light & Flowers The first image captures the center of the pink lotus flower beautifully lit by soft diffused light.  As opposed to bright sunlight, soft light preserves the individual pastel colors of the flower.   Side light when it creates light shadows and tonal gradient on the petals defines the…  
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The Wild Side of Tangier Island

Over the last 9 years, I have visited Tangier Island a number of times and have conducted photo workshops there in the spring.  It lies the middle of the Chesapeake Bay just south of the Maryland line and is famous for its off-shore crab shacks and waterman that harvest crabs…  
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Urban Wildlife Photo Project 2

Urban Wildlife Photo Project Overview As mentioned in my last newsletter, in recent months I have reconnected with an old friend who has been allowing me to photograph on her property.  She lives nearby and owns several acres of land with an open area, vegetable garden, flower beds, woods, and a…  
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Passion for Wildlife Photography

Passion for Wildlife Photography Inspiration Why is wildlife my favorite subject to photograph?  To begin, I inherited love of animals from my father.  He lived in the Baltimore’s inner city in a row home with 12 siblings, but escaped whenever possible, walking great distances beyond city limit into the woods…  
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Svalbard Norway Visual Journey

Bear looking

Svalbard Norway Visual Journey Svalbard Norway is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle.  It is home to polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, arctic fox, and pelagic seabirds.  At the beginning of June 2019, I boarded the M/V Stockholm ship (130 ft boat, limited t 12 passengers)…  
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Hunting with a Camera – Wildlife Photography

White tail deer in creek during fall in West Virginia.

Wildlife Photography Tips – Approaching Wildlife Wildlife photographers share a lot in common with hunters despite the difference in the final outcome. Both employ similar techniques of approaching wildlife and require knowledge of animal behavior such as where they find the food, water, and shelter. Both photographers and hunters on…  
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Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge/Assateague Island – Trip Report Nov/Dec 2015

Squirrel gathering leaves for nest at Chincoteague

 Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge/Assateague Island Trip Report (Dec 2015) Arrived at Chincoteague, VA on Thanksgiving 2015 to spend several days with friends for the holiday. On Friday, at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, I delivered a presentation on wildlife photography as I do for the refuge at least…  
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Nature Photography in the Canadian Rockies

Nature photography in the Canadian Rockies

Nature Photography highlights from Canadian Rockies Arrived in Canadian Rockies 13 Sep. It was in the mid-80s that I was here last. Lots more buses and tourist now. Points accumulated on IHG rewards credit card and previous stays at IHG hotels qualified us for free overnight stays in several locations. IHG…  
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Unique Image from Tangier Island, VA

Photographed on Tangier Island in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay.  I have seen herons pick up eels, fish, and crabs but never this.  Kind of sad, but part of nature.  Took 15 minutes to position turtle in order to swallow it.  Dipped the turtle in water so it could…  
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Kind words from a student in my Johns Hopkins U. class.

I was very pleased to receive the following comment from Ed Bouwer, a member of my recent class at Johns Hopkins University, “Intermediate Digital Photography, Longwood Gardens Field Trip”. “This class on flower and garden photography centered on Longwood Gardens gave me several new perspectives on how to take photographs….  
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