Westchester Photographic Society Wildlife Photography Zoom Program


On behalf of the Westchester Photographic Society, I would like to formally thank you for your presentation to our club, and others, this past Friday evening.  
Your content more than lived up to the title “Passion of Wildlife Photography” as your dedication and enthusiasm for photographing animals were both apparent and resonated with the audience. Your images were lovely story telling captures that conveyed some important essence of the animal.  This made your images interesting and pleasing.
Members commented how “down to earth” you were and how well you knew your subject.   We all appreciate how difficult it can be to photographic nature and animals in particular.  You can’t control the weather nor the behavior of the animal.  You successfully conveyed how you blended ethical considerations with planning, knowledge of the animal, working expertise of your equipment and of course patience can result in both a satisfying experience and even winning images.  
People were appreciative of both your knowledge base and your willingness to share helpful tips about situational awareness, attention to lighting and pointers such as proper exposure compensation or black birds, in order to bring out the inherent colors. 
 I thought your friendly and casual style helped keep the audience engaged from start to finish. 
We thank you for your time and entertaining presentation.
Dennis Thornton
Westchester Photographic Society Wildlife Photography Zoom Program

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