Mel Sessa, Program Co-Chair Gaithersburg Camera Club

On behalf of the entire Gaithersburg Camera Club, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for an outstanding presentation on “A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images which you made last eveningYour presentation was extremely well organized.  The wildlife images which you shared with us were stunning.  It was both helpful and instructive to hear your insights on wildlife photography such as composition, lighting, shooting angles, and suggestions on lenses and other equipment.  I enjoyed hearing your observations on the behavior patterns of the animals you photograph, and how each photo shoot becomes an educational experience.  Club members not only shared their questions and positive comments with you directly during the break, but many of them came to me at the end of the meeting to indicate how much they enjoyed your presentation.  I was especially impressed not just by your outstanding photography, but by your passion and commitment to protect the wildlife you photograph.  The weather was cold and rainy, so I especially appreciate your arrival an hour before the start of the program to set up, and your willingness to stay and chat with our members afterwards despite what I’m assuming was close to a two hour drive home.  Thank you again for an outstanding presentation!

Mel Sessa, Gaithersburg Camera Club

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