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Using Backlighting with Digital Photography: A Tutorial

Effective uses of backlighting with digital photography.  Samples follow: rim/hair lighting, emphasize translucence, & create a silhouette. Rim/hair light – when light traces the outline of the subject. Translucence – light passes through part of subject such as a bird’s feathers, fabric or water. Silhouette – high contrast.  Subject is…  
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Tutorial:The Benefits of Slow Shutter Speeds

     Whereas fast shutter speeds freeze action, slow shutter speeds can imply motion and can transform the image into one that is impressionistic.  The shutter speed selected depends on the effect desired and degree of movement.  You can achieve interesting effects at settings of 1/60 to several seconds or…  
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Digital Photo Tutorial: Composition

Composition Focus attention on your subject.  Keep the composition simple. Whereas painting is a positive process of adding things to the frame, photography is a subtractive process, eliminating elements that do not contribute to the overall image. Move and explore the photo opportunities from different angles & heights.  Position the…  
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Digital Photo Tutorial: Interaction between light and water

Click on the following tutorial to explore the relationship between the sky and water in digital photos –HopNat_PhotoFL11Skies & Color

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