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Easy Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is a great software program for organizing and editing digital images and runs on both PC and MAC computers. Priced at under $ 64.00 on Amazon, it is far more affordable than its big brother Adobe Photoshop CS6, costing relatively $600.00. Despite its inexpensive price, Elements…  
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New Offering, Editing Digital Images, Photoshop Elements 11, at the Y of Central MD

Comments on revisions of Adobe Photoshop Elements from version 10 to 11

My feelings regarding the update of Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 to Version 11 There is a major revision of the Organizer (look & functions) which for users of earlier versions comes with a bit of a learning curve. More automated categorizing of images. Has major tabs for People, Places, &…  
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Digital Darkroom Class, Adobe Photoshop Elements

Intro to the Digital Darkroom  (7, 8, & 10 Feb 13) Norfolk Botanical Gardens Instructor – Irene Hinke-Sacilotto Limited class size for personalized instruction – maximum 10 students Dates: Thu & Fri, 7 AND 8 Feb 2013 (Time: 6:30-9:30 PM) Sun, 10 Feb 2013 (Time: 1:00–4:00 PM) Description: In this…  
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Using Backlighting with Digital Photography: A Tutorial

Effective uses of backlighting with digital photography.  Samples follow: rim/hair lighting, emphasize translucence, & create a silhouette. Rim/hair light – when light traces the outline of the subject. Translucence – light passes through part of subject such as a bird’s feathers, fabric or water. Silhouette – high contrast.  Subject is…  
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Adobe Photoshop Elements 10, Photo Class, Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Just taught a digital editing class for Norfolk Botanical Gardens on Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (3, three hours sessions in the evening).  It’s a perfect photo editing program for majority of amateur/intermediate photographers who wishes to edit images for the web, e-mail and prints up to 16X20.  It’s inexpensive costing…  
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