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Autumn Photo Workshop – Southern West Virginia

Autumn photo workshop in West Virginia offers many opportunities for creative photography.

Autumn Photo Workshop – Southern West Virginia led by Irene Hinke-Sacilotto 14-16 Oct 2016 This workshop is designed for those with a basic knowledge of the operation of a 35 mm SLR digital camera with an interest in nature photography. Workshop emphasis is on improving photographic skills, creativity, and optimizing…  
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Brazilian Pantanal Photo Tour

Tiger Heron are found along the river banks in the Pantanal.

Brazilian Pantanal photo tour–sights, photo tips, equipment, challenges. I have been to the Brazilian Pantanal twice in the past, once on a scouting trip and most recently conducting a photo tour. In both cases, I worked with an excellent naturalist/guide/photographer who I have known for more that twenty years, Alejandro…  
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The Pantanal of Brazil

Ringed Kingfishers are frequently seen in the Brazilian Pantanal.

The Pantanal of Brazil is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Why is it unique? The majority of the Pantanal is located in Brazil with smaller portions in Bolivia and Paraguay. It covers 81,000 square miles, with the Bazilian portion in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul The Pantanal…  
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Spring Foto Fling April 30, 2016 (Photography Conference)

Atlantic Puffin chasing Razor-billed Auk in Iceland. Great location to for photographing wildlife and scenry.

Spring Foto Fling: April 30, 2016 The Spring Photo Fling April 30, 21016 is sponsored by the DVCCC (Delaware Valley Council of Camera Clubs) Presents: Irene Sacilotto Wildlife Photographer Her Website: http://www.ospreyphoto.com/ Since 1979, she has shared her photographic experiences and love of nature with thousands of individuals through more than 200…  
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A Passion for Wildlife Photography (PART 7), Predicting behavior (2)

Animals are more active early I the morning and late in the day as opposed to mid-day when the light is harsh and temperatures are higher. Therefore you have the best chance to capture images that are dynamic at these times. Cameras that perform well (little noise) at higher ISOs…  
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“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” (PART 5) More Tips for Locating Wildlife

CAMERA CLUBS & OTHER SOURCES OF INFO Your fellow camera club members can be helpful pointing out local hotspots for wildlife photography. At one such club meeting in Manassas where I was delivering a lecture, I learned that elk herds exist in Pennsylvania, near Benesette http://elkcountryvisitorcenter.com/drupal/ . They are typically…  
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“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” (Part 4)

LOCATIONS (PART 4) Several of the best locations to photograph wildlife are ones where the animals are acclimated to the presence of people or vehicles. These include county, state, and national parks, wildlife refuges & sanctuaries, and eco-friendly ranches (South Texas & South America). In terms of wildlife refuges, I…  
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“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” Tips and Insights (PART 1).

“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” is the title of a presentation that I delivered numerous times during the last three years for a variety of sponsors– conferences, universities, environmental organizations, libraries, and camera clubs. During the program, I discuss the strategies, techniques, and equipment required…  
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Tangier Island – A Photographers Delight

TANGIER ISLAND Photo Workshop See Website for details (Schedule) & Photo Gallery:  www.ospreyphoto.com 21-31 May 2015 In the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, just south of the Maryland line, is Tangier Island, VA. It is actually a series of small islands connected by narrow wooden bridges spanning marshes and tidal…  
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The Magic of the Sea at Dawn and the Rhythm of the Waves