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Wildlife Photography – Safety and Ethics

Safety/ethics – Don’t corner an animal or block its path. – With animals, be aware of signs of agitation or aggression: scrapping ground with hoof, thrashing grass or bushes with antlers, strong stare, ears back, showing whites of the eyes, bluff charge, growl, bearing teeth, etc. If approached by a…  
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A Passion for Wildlife Photography (Part 9) Stalking your Prey

Stalking Techniques  Emulate movements of subject. (For reindeer, a local guide suggested simulating antlers by holding tripod legs over our head.) Move slowly, pause periodically, & make no sudden moves. Keep a low profile to avoid appearing human and a threat. Observe the animal’s movement. Don’t walk directly towards it….  
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Photo Tour – Argentina & Chile, 4-19 Dec 2011

Join a small group of nature photographers (3-7) to visit some of my favorite photo locations in Argentina & Chile.  The photo tour includes the following.  1) Coastal Patagonia–Valdés Peninsula, with elephant seals , Southern right whales, rheas, guanacos and the large magellanic penguin colony of Punta Tombo.  2) Mt. Fitzroy plus…  
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