Svalbard Norway Visual Journey

Svalbard Norway Visual Journey

Svalbard Norway is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean above the Arctic Circle.  It is home to polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, arctic fox, and pelagic seabirds.  At the beginning of June 2019, I boarded the M/V Stockholm ship (130 ft boat, limited t 12 passengers) for 7 days cruise around the islands planning to photograph the spectacular scenery, ice flows, and wildlife with Joe and Mary Ann McDonald. We met the ship in Loongyearbyen on 31 May.  While in town, we explored the surrounding from rented vehicles where we photographed Skua, Common Eider, Barnacle Geese, Fulmars and other birds.  While on the ship and in zodiacs, we had great opportunities to photograph polar bears and walrus at close distances. The surrounding landscape was amazing with beautiful ice flows and snow capped mountains.  Here are some images from the trip. Included are a few images from the Senja Peninsula.

Polar bear on ice flow
Longyearbyen town
Reindeer on snow
Reindeer scratching
Seal on ice
Young Ringed Seal resting on ice
Male eider
King eider lifting off from water.

Bearded seal with curly whiskers
Bearded Seal resting
Broken ice
Ice breaking up

Common eider flying

Bear dripping water
Polar bear after swimming
Fulmar in flight
Fulmar flying past boat
Eider landing in water
Common Eider landing
Iceberg from ship
Iceberg in Svalbard
Icebergs floating in front of mountains.
Walrus near zodiac
Ice cycles
M/V Stokholm
Bear looking
Curious polar bear
polar bear
Polar bear looking as if praying
Gull landing
Common gull wings
M/V Stockholm in Svalbard
Stockholm ship in ice
Gull on roof
Glaucous full nesting on roof
Oystercatcher near nest.
Eurasian oystercatcher jumping from rock to rock


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