Silver Linings – Surprise Photo Opportunities


Weather forecasts on the barrier islands along the Mid-Atlantic coast seem to be wrong as often as they are correct, perhaps due to the influence of the ocean and surrounding water.  This proved to be true this December when I was visiting the Outer Banks where I will be conducting a photo workshop next spring.  The second week was initially supposed to be sunny but clouds covered the sun on most days.  For the last day on the island, clouds were predicted again.  But the eternal optimist, I rose early to checked conditions.  To my surprise, a hint of color was appearing along the horizon. I dressed in a flash, grabbed my camera & tripod and headed to the beach.  My effort was rewarded with great predawn colors before clouds again obscured the sun. The lesson is to never give up.  The darkest clouds often reveal a silver lining. See the results.

For early morning photography, I try to be on site approximately 45 minutes before sunrise to plan the shot and capture the best color.  For sunset, don’t give up too soon.  It is often well after the sun drops below the horizon that the best colors appear.

Today apps for smart phones and IPADs provide you with info on sunrise/sunset times, position of the sun, phases of the moon, tides and more. Thank God for technology.

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