“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” Tips and Insights (PART 1).

“A Passion for Wildlife Photography, the Stories Behind the Images” is the title of a presentation that I delivered numerous times during the last three years for a variety of sponsors– conferences, universities, environmental organizations, libraries, and camera clubs. During the program, I discuss the strategies, techniques, and equipment required to capture the beauty of animals in the wild and their behavior with a D-SLR camera. Over a series of blogs I will share some of my thoughts, tips and images relating to the subject.

What motivates me?

Wildlife photography…

Allows me to see anatomical details


Provides insight into aspects of animal behavior often missed by casual observation

Crested Caracara
Crested Caracara

Helps me develop increased awareness of my surroundings, seeing things that never would have been noticed without a camera in hand

Monk Parakeet
Monk Parakeet

Enables me to freeze action and see things that happen too fast for the eye to register


Provides me with a sense of inner peace since quality wildlife photography requires total absorption & focus on the subject

Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog

Allows me to connect with the subject and react to its movements without thinking.

American Oystercatcher

Provides me with a way to share my adventures and vision

Toco Toucan

Enjoy the New Year and give thanks for nature’s amazing gifts.


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